• Steffen Haugaard Nielsen
4. term, Danish, Master (Master Programme)
The short fiction film has been set apart in terms of format from the feature film but research on the film is very scarce (Raskin 2002). As it was formulated by Riis, it is unknown how the short fiction film engages its audience (Riis 1998). Defining the horror film as a genre depending on its ability to affect (scare, shock, revolt, etc.) its viewers this paper is a step toward answering the question. Using the set of seven parameters designed by Raskin (Ibid.) to help analyze and design a short fiction film as well as the theory of affect in horror films set forward by Hanich (Hanich 2010) the paper finds that all seven films (both horror and thriller) clearly draw on their ideas – especially Raskin’s points related to character and ending and Hanichs theory of dread was used in all seven films. Though the aim of this paper is to recommend further research on the ways in which the short fiction film engages its audience and further research on the format in general.
Publication date16 Jun 2020
Number of pages38
ID: 334320680