• Marion Krontoft
  • Inge Løvig Pedersen
  • Kristine Lykke Lomholt
3 year, Master of Health Informatics (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Introduction Empiric experiences with implementation of IT-systems in the Health Care Sector have shown that the users do not always experience the implementation course as optimal. A number of Danish examinations support this finding. To concretize the character of the problems, we have investigated a review of 13 articles, referring to evaluations of implementation courses on both Danish and foreign hospitals. The review shows that communication has great influence on the users’ experience of the courses. With the review as background material, we want to investigate weather the user experience of an implementation course of an Electronic Patient Medical system (EPM) is influced by the ongoing communication. The overall goal has been to find out if a number of improvements to the communication could be suggested for future implementations courses. The study has been carried out among 103 users of EPM at a medical unit on a Danish hospital ultimo 2007 and primo 2008. The method We have uncovered the intentional communication strategy of the EPM-project group, as well as the users’ expectations in regard to the actual user experience of the communication by using interview, questioners and background material. Results We found that communication has great implications for how a user experience the process of implementation, and that there were several instances of communication beak downs, which causes user frustrations because of insufficient information. The effect was user insecurity towards the EMP-system. We found that insufficient information level resulted in a feeling of alienation and insecurity in the user and was not condusive implementions. Furthermore we found that the responsibility for providing an adequate information level to new users rests with both managers and personell Conclusion Through the analysis we have concluded that the users experience of the communication has profound effect on how secure the users feeling about working with the new IT-system. In addition to this, we have identified the following three conditions for which we suggest changes that should be initiated: • Ressource persons need to be educated and have the responsibility, authority and resources, necessary for the task. • The users’ need to be aware of their responsibility for acquiring the necessary informations. • The users need to be involved to the extend, that they achieve the feeling of ownership towards the IT-system. Acknowledgments In relation to this project we want to thanks several people for their cooperation, among them the project manager for the EPM-project and to all the employees connection with; Medicinsk Enhed, Frederikssund Hospital. We also thank our supervisor, his assistance was greatly appreciated.
Publication date2008
Number of pages153
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 14395092