Kommunikation - en vej til trivsel

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Line Krogh Pedersen
  • Louise Petersen
4. term, Communication, Master (Master Programme)
ABSTRACT “Communication - a way to job satisfaction. An extended essay on an HR-proces with focus on leaders in the public service” is our last project and the finishing essay of a five-year study of Communication at Aalborg University. We have chosen to write about the connection between the communication of leaders and the job satisfaction of workers, and as our title describes we think that communication is a way to increase job satisfaction among employees. There are two different elements we want to look into in this project. The first element concerns job satisfaction. We want to acquire knowledge about why human expenses arise when organisations try to change, which we will look into through a study of whether or not there is a connection between communication and job satisfaction. So we focus on the relation between leaders and employees. The other element, which we want to look into, is carrying out a practical proces. We want to gain an insight in to carrying out a process to improve the communication of leaders and thereby job satisfaction among employees, and therefore we want to reflect over the challenges we meet carrying out the process. Therefore we have established a collaboration with an organisation – a municipality – or more like the Highways department of Frederikshavn Kommune – a northern Danish municipality. Our inquiry is thereby rooted in a public context, which is the foundation of our analyses and conclusions. We choose one approach of Human Resource Management (HRM) as the starting point for our practical process, and so by this is our practical method. This means that we carry out a process of three phases. The first phase is connected to looking into the need of the organizational members for a HR-process. The second phase is a development process, where we try to fulfill the needs we find in the first phase. The last phase is evaluation of the HR-process. With our experiences from the process, where we work with a group of leaders and employees, we study the challenges we meet carrying out the practical process, to create a consciousness about these challenges, which we can use in this HR-process and in future process. In our search for the connection between communication and job satisfaction, we look into statements of employees and leaders from the practical process and search for areas where we see a connection between communication of leaders and different kinds of influence on the job satisfaction the employees. In our analyses of why human expenses arise we focus on the responsibility of the leaders to create job satisfaction among the employees, and we end up with a model - “VVK-modellen” - that shows our conclusions of why human expenses arise. Through our practical process and following analyses and reflections we see a connection and therefore we think that this extended essay shows that communication is a way to job satisfaction. Our last wish is that our analyses can be used to create job satisfaction instead of just preventing human expenses when they have occured, for which reason we will create an outro of the essay concerning this - though it isn’t concluded in our primary purpose of the essay.
Publication date2004
Number of pages199
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 6143432