Kommunale beføjelser ved istandsættelse af private fællesveje

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Kenneth Vittrup
  • Mia Hesselkjær
This study investigates the Danish municipalities’ practice for administering the provisions of the Danish Private Road Act (Privatvejsloven) concerning expenditure on renovation of private roads. More specifically this entails an analysis of the municipalities’ judicial tools, when helping disagreeing landowners regarding renovation of the road. The purpose is to investigate if the existing tools provided in the Danish Private Road Act are adequate for this purpose and whether the provisions have the desired effect in practice.
For this purpose two main analyses were conducted: An analysis of the legal framework governing administration of the private roads, and an analysis of how the municipalities interpret and administer the provisions. The empirical basis for the study is questionnaire responses from 46 out of 98 municipalities and interviews with contact persons from 3 administrations. By this the study investigates the span in assessments and interpretations among the municipal administrations of the provisions of the Danish Private Road Act concerning renovation and maintenance. To supplement the analysis of the municipal practice, test calculations are carried out for cases in both urban and rural areas to asses the financial impact when choosing different strategies.
The study has led to an identification of a number of areas, where the wording of the act is less than appropriate, based on how they are interpreted in practice.
Publication date13 Jun 2013
ID: 77396625