• Lisa Albæk Pedersen
  • Pernille Langballe Hansen
4. term, Public Health, Master (Master Programme)
Background: One third of people over 65 years fall each year. Fall in elderly is associated with major socio-economic and individual costs. Evidence has proved that it’s possible to prevent falls in the elderly. However the strategies of fall-prevention in elderly, in the Danish municipalities, which are responsible for the field of prevention, are of a great variety. Therefore there is a great potential to improve and optimize the strategies of fall-prevention in the municipalities.
Objective: Based on a desire for a more consistent fall-prevention strategy in Aalborg, the aim is to develop knowledge and information, which can contribute to recommendations, concerning a decision whether to implement the Fallschool, as a fall-prevention strategy in Aalborg Municipality.
Method: The master thesis is inspired of the HTA (Health Technology Assessment) framework. Methods of the master thesis are observations at the Fallschool, and qualitative research interviews with four elderly participants from the Fallschool. In the master thesis results from two functional tests are included, to evaluate the effect of the Fallschool. The master thesis also includes evidence-based literature from three systematic literature searches. The master thesis also contains two cost-effectiveness analyses of the Fallschool.
Results: The Fallschool is a multiple-component intervention, which are effective in preventing falls in community-dwelling elderly. The Fallschool contains a combination of exercise and education. All participants at the Fallschool improved their level of physical function. The effect of education, in fall-prevention for elderly, is limited. The elderly have difficulty recalling the content of the education at the Fallschool. There have been 21 participants, at the Fallschool. Every single person has improved their physical function, and the costs are 61.493 kr. a year, which is also the costs of avoiding 6 falls among the 21 elderly at the Fallschool. There are not enough participants at the Fallschool. This issue may be because of the attitude toward falls and fall-prevention among the elderly. Being healthy and social are very important elements, in motivating the elderly to participate in fall-prevention interventions. In the identification of elderly to participate in fall-prevention interventions there is a need for improvement and changes. The master thesis recommends that fall-prevention intervention highlights the elements that motivate the elderly to participate, which is being healthy and being social, when talking to the elderly about participating in fall-prevention interventions. The result of the master thesis also shows some organizational challenges regarding the cross-sectoral collaborating, which may affect the numbers of participants at the Fallschool.
Recommendations: It´s recommended implementing the Fallschool, as a fall-preventing intervention in Aalborg Municipality. But it is also recommended to be aware of the recommendations described in this master thesis regarding how Fallschools should be implemented.
Publication date30 May 2014
Number of pages112
ID: 198332804