• Rasmus Höfer
  • Bogi Panait Niclasen
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
In the work of this thesis the possibility of a creating a cable-free and low-cost Virtual Environment is investigated. The study reviews state of the art techniques used for interacting with Virtual Environments. The focus was set on body controlled interaction techniques allowing the selection of screen content, by using the recently released Kinect depth camera.

From the theory covered in this thesis a model describing selection techniques was developed together with principles applying to Virtual Environments and body controlled interactions.

This theory formed the bases for an iterative design process in which five selection techniques were developed.

The usability of these five techniques was addressed in a user study. From the results of the study a list of design guidelines applying to body controlled selection techniques was created, contributing to the recent trend in alternative interfaces.
Publication date26 May 2011
Number of pages141
ID: 52575401