Kender du Østre Havn: Et speciale om formidling og oplevelse

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Mette Thisgaard Knudsen
  • Elisabeth Lærke Jørgensen
4. term, Experience Design, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis is based on three areas of interest; experience design, city design and citizens. We seek to understand the potential that lies within an interconnection of the three areas. To understand this potential we have chosen an area in Aalborg that we will study in this thesis. This area is located on the waterfront and going through an urban renewal. We have experienced the renewal and located some issues. There is no information to be found about the renewal in the area in and around. This indicates that we are not supposed to know anything about the project and that it does not approach us. We are citizens in Aalborg and by virtue of that, we think that what happens in this city is in our interest. We want the opportunity to learn and experience the development the city of Aalborg is continuously going through.
City design has come to develop in a term where the citizen’s needs and their wishes is now the most important factor whenever an urban renewal is implemented. Architects and city designers have come to understand the importance of the citizens because they are the once to live in and use the city every day. Their well-being is affected by the city and its design. Studies have shown that the city influences its citizens on a much higher level than what was once believed. Therefore, it is crucial that the citizens and their needs is considered when a city is designed. We know now that it can be of great use to involve citizens the design process, both to clear out their wishes and make them develop new elements or designs. They have other views and perspectives on city design and experience design, which adds new elements and ideas to the design process.
We want to study how to improve the relation between citizen in Aalborg and the new part of the city by using experience design as the main link between the two.
Theoretical approach
The theoretical approach will both concern city design and experience design. Furthermore, we will use best practice examples to understand the issues in which other projects has complied with design solutions. This will be an inspiration throughout the design process. We can learn from the principles that others have applied.
Empirical approach
Our primary approach lie within experience design because it is in the area we have the most experience. It is within the normal procedure to focus primarily on the user and the interaction and relation between user and design whenever we design experiences. Therefore, we have chosen to use a method where the users are involved in the design process. We explore both their experience with the area in Aalborg and furthermore they will be included in the evaluation of the experience concept we have designed using their feedback on the city. The concept will then be adjusted.
New findings
The outcome of this thesis is an experience concept, which complies the issues we have located in connection to the urban renewal in Aalborg. The building project does not inform the citizens about its visions. Therefore the citizens don’t know anything about the urban renewal or the outcome of it. We complies this issue with an exhibition container, in which there will be information and experiences that approaches the citizens and inform them about the renewal.
Publication date19 Oct 2015
Number of pages85
ID: 220511453