• Elan Joel Helweg-Isenberg
4. term, Information Science, Master (Master Programme)
If asked, using browser tabs as self-addressed reminders is a practice with which most people express familiarity. This practice, while recognisable, does not seem to have been directly researched. To address this, we review the existing work and literature tangentially related to the phenomenon and formulate an explorative study. With a contextual inquiry approach, our study scratches the surface of a practice that combines personal information management, cognitive offloading and Web information gathering. The process includes a survey, interviews, research diaries and artifact walkthroughs with six participants. We confirm that browser tabs are used as digital reminders and identify multiple avenues of further research to explore the implications and possibilities therein. Barriers include the subjective and semantic concepts required to discuss and investigate the practice, and a lack of existing work after which to compose a methodological approach.
Publication date25 Jun 2019
Number of pages125,083
ID: 306599915