Karup bypass

Student thesis: Profession bachelor

  • Thomas Bjerregaard Nielsen
7. term, Civil Engineering (Diploma Programme)
Karup is a village in the heart of jutland. The 2.250 citizens feel plagued by a large amount of through driving traffic and therefore wishes to establish a bypass.
This report take a look at the village's traffical situation and study whether a bypass could move some traffic out of the town. Since there are two opportunities in which direction the horizontal alignment for the bypass can have, a corridor of both of them would be studied to find out which physical and landscape bonds, there are in the area.
In the light of the studies described above the final horizontal alignment is established, and following the matching vertical alignment and cross section. Road safety is important and it is checked out whether the current sight length is being observed. Regarding to the crossing roads an evaluation of which type of intersection there should be established will be produced. One of these cross sections is a roundabout, for which there will be made a draft. Finally the horizontal alignment of the bypass is crossing the preserved river valley of Karup Å. Here it is decided to establish a bridge.
All things considered there is projected the first draft for a horizontal alignment for a bypass located northwest about Karup with a length of 4,6 km with two approaches, which are giving the opportunity to get to and from Karup.
It is estimated that the citizens of Karup would have pleasure with the establish of a bypass, because it will move some of the through driving traffic and therefore made the village more placid. Opposite will the retailers feel the consequences then fewer people are driving thru and on their way are going to shop.
SpecialisationTransport Engineering
Publication date2013
Number of pages35
ID: 78263807