Master Thesis 1.6.21: Mester thesis 2021

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Catja Græsborg Agnstoft
  • Sarah Emma Jensen
  • Martha Szlachetka Bomholt
4. term, Interactive Digital Media, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis explores the possibilities of utilizing sound in order to guide players through a computer game level by testing how test participants navigate through a simplified prototype based predominantly on audio cues. Sound is not very advanced in the computer game industry because of the heavy focus on visuals, thus making it an interesting topic to explore.
Within this thesis several tests were conducted using both qualitative and quantitative methods in order to discover what sound cues help people become engaged and improve their navigational skills within a simplified game setting. A prototype of an audio-based game was tested on nine sighted participants in total, of which results point toward an enhanced ability to navigate if players are presented with distinguishable, familiar sounds appearing in a 3D space. These sounds further seemed to enhance player engagement.
The thesis presents a pilot test wherein opportunities for further improvement provide the groundwork for an interesting and growing field of study.
Publication date1 Jun 2021
Number of pages107
ID: 413440083