• Søren Hauge Krabbe
This master’s thesis concerns the writers master’s degree in building management at the The Faculties of Engineering, Science and Medicine, Aalborg University. The master’s thesis is made in cooperation with a medium-size Danish contracting company and the supervisors are professor Per Christiansson and associate professor Kjeld Svidt. The building industry has a reputation for being conservative and an industry which is hard to transform. A building project is an unique project constructed and build by a project group which consists of different operators for each project. After the building project is done, the project group is broken down. This makes the repetition effect difficult to maintain and in the end the quality of the building project is also difficult to maintain. A bad quality in the building industry equals spending a lot of money on reparations. If there were an opportunity to catch and solve these mistakes before they appear it would be better. More use of information- and communication technology (ICT) is such an opportunity. An analysis of need has been conducted among five employees at the construction company focusing on their need for more ICT in their daily work and whether there are any specific ICT-systems they could use. The analysis ended up with a problem statement: 1. What functions can be supported and improved in the quality assurance process with help from an ICT system? 2. Are there other working and communication procedures that can be supported and improved with help from ICT systems? Two tests and evaluations have been made with two different ICT systems. The first ICT-system is a quality assurance (QA) system which can help release the employees from keeping the paper QA material up to date by making the photo documentation more easy. This can be done by the use of a PDA where the employee uses the PDA to collect and catch the quality assurance and the collected data can be uploaded to a project hard drive. Photos can be taken by the PDA and uploaded to a project hard drive as well. The other ICT-system which is tested and evaluated is a system that gives the opportunity to communicate with a tablet computer. Thereby time can be saved on transport between the construction site and the site hut. With the tablet computer the employee can have access to all the drawing material, project material, models and it is possible to communicate via mail, chat and webcam via mobile Internet.
Publication date2009
Publishing institutionInstitut for produktion
ID: 17636886