Journalism in times of corona

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Mathias Frost
2. Term (Master), Media Studies (Minor subject) (Elective Study or Minor Subject)
This assignment examines the journalistic tools used, which was used in the Danish media to cover the times when the coronavisse hit the world. Theory of journalistic communication is used in order to find out how the media uses these to distribute information, in a way that makes the information both informative and engaging. The theories consist of journalistic communication in both the printed media and the video media. Different analyzes are conducted, all during the time when the corona virus was covered in the Danish media, and these touchdowns occur across different types of media on different media channels. It is concluded, that the corona crisis has had an impact on the media coverage in several ways, including that the communications, in several ways, have compensated for the events taking place far from the recipients and that the consequences of the virus itself has at times made the covering of it challenging. Compensation is achieved through strategic use of structural and audiovisual tools, that help to best convey the events and bring the viewer, in a sense, closer to them. Finally, this paper discusses the responsibilities that the media has in their way of covering the events, so they avoid creating fear among the population.
Publication date1 Jun 2020
Number of pages60
ID: 333392077