• Georgiana Frunza
  • Rajmund Dominik Staniek
  • Sangey Dorje Leon Lama
The portability and extended functionalities that phones have
achieved over the years made them ubiquitous. In conse-
quence, smartphones are have become intrinsic in people’s
lives. However, such availability and accessibility can lead
to overuse. In this paper, we conceptualize a type of misuse,
namely the Open-Close pattern, and propose a provotype to
combat it by creating disruptions. The provotype is in the form
of an android app called JoMo. We conduct a qualitative study
for a week where we examine how participants react to disrup-
tions of the Open-Close use pattern. The findings show that
phone misuse is highly contextual, and that digital wellbeing
cannot be necessarily reduced to screen time and notifications.
Moreover, provoking people through disruptions to stop using
their phones can be successful, but only in specific situations.
Publication date10 Jun 2022
ID: 472510679