• Katrine Voigt
  • Vaishnavee Sasitharan
  • Nour Aburashid
This project was made in collaboration with a Danish construction company.
The purpose of this project is to make the delivery of the right material in the right quantity,
quality, time and location on a construction site possible by delivery plans that are based on
digital quantity takeoff from obejct based 3D model and combine it with location based schedule.
This system is based on theories about Just in time (JIT) and researchs about the the use of
JIT in the construction industry world wide. Based on the basic principle of JIT the projecgroup
analyze how current construction projects develop through the different phases of a construction
project by interviewing actors in the Danish construction company mentioned before. Based on
this analysis the detail of the digital quantity takeoff is ajusted to fit in the different stages and
level of process in the 3D model.
The object based 3D model is made in Revit and used in Vico Office for quantity takeoff.
The quantity takeoff is then manipulated in PowerBI to connect it with the start date of activity
on a construction side which results in a delivery plan.
Afterwards the system is generalized to the Dansih construction industry by taking into
consideration the limitations that the actors of this industry experience through supply with
quantities and the Danish building legislations like IKT-bekendtgørelsen og Ydelsesbeskrivelser
that applies to public developer and public housings that are founded by state funds.
Publication date1 Jul 2022
Number of pages196
External collaboratorEnemærke og Petersen
Proces- og systemchef Søren Christensen sci@eogp.dk
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