• Maria Crucera Vasco
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
This Master’s thesis describes the process of designing a digital service for a Belgian government agency to support foreign entrepreneurs in Belgium, and how service design tools, alternated with research and stakeholder involvement, have gradually build on the service experience to define the details of the final concept. First the difficulties experienced by foreign entrepreneurs when they try to start a company in a different country are explored, and networking is identified as one of the biggest challenges. Especially for foreign entrepreneurs, the main benefit of an extensive social network is the ability to gather more knowledge, and access more opportunities and resources. These needs are then contrasted with the interests and requirements of the government, and a common ground is tried to be achieved. The solution is an online meeting place for entrepreneurs, with focus on peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and connecting with fellow entrepreneurs and experts both digitally and physically.
Publication date2 Jun 2016
Number of pages95
External collaboratorKnight Moves
David Morgan david@knightmoves.be
ID: 234548322