• Mehrnoush Afshar Parve
4. term, Master of Sexology (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
This Master's Thesis is based on a qualitative study of the sexuality of Iranian male immigrants who have been living a minimum of 25 years in Denmark.
Many immigrants experience a change in relation to their sexual views, attitudes and behaviour. This change varies according to the individual and the social circumstances resulting from immigration.
Studies indicate that Iranian immigrants in i.a. Sweden have changed their sexual views, attitudes and behaviour progressively after having immigrated to Sweden.

In this study, it is primarily examined through a qualitative study, which sexual norm changes have been subjected to by the Iranian male respondents after leaving their home country for a minimum of 25 years to instead residing in Denmark.
Furthermore, it is examined which sexual behavioural changes have occurred in the years up to today from the former Iranian sexuality in the non-Western culture, to the Danish sexuality in the Western culture.
Focusing on sexuality and its vital importance to man and the vital importance of culture and influence on sexuality, the purpose of this Master's Thesis is to study the sexual cultural changes of Iranian men as well as focusing on the details of these changes.
This study highlights a slow but positive cultural change in various aspects of sexuality with regards to immigration, based on voluntary Iranian respondents residing in Denmark selected for this study.

Through a qualitative study, this Masters' Thesis indicates several different changes on the voluntary respondents' overall sexuality with regards to immigration to Denmark.
Despite the small size of this study (n=2), it can contribute to larger studies in the future in terms of the cultural influences on the sexuality of non-Western muslim immigrants.
Publication date7 May 2019
Number of pages48
ID: 302997770