• Erik Ari Wolter Rosenberg
This thesis is situated within the field of practice theory and pedagogical ICT and aims at shedding light on the emergent use of iPads in Danish pre-school and after-school recreation centers. The field is less studied within a danish research context, and this thesis aims at bringing in new perspective for further research on the field of ICT and iPads in pedagogical work. The purpose is through a ethnographic research approach to ‘follow’ the pedagogue ‘doing’ iPad, and to identify how iPads is translated into the socio-material bricolage of their workplace. Through a multi-sited case approach this was analyzed through a practice lens constructed by a synthesis between Actor Network Theory and Activity Theory. The fieldwork for this thesis was conducted as a ethnographic case study through five semi-structured interviews with pedagogue from four different institutions. The analytical processing of the four cases has resulted in four different stories of translation of iPads into practice where findings show that the individuals involved have been the main factor for adoption of iPads in use. It is use directly in activities with children, intercollegiate communication and in communication with parents. A dominate use of the iPad is as a camera and later as a picture editing tool. The locale use of iPads has been further scrutinized and shows that placement is essential for use and improvisation and that iPads bring new agencies to the practice if given agency through translation. Finally findings show iPads as a tool in itself and as a tool for institution wide change processes. The thesis concludes that iPads is being translated into pedagogical practice and is in use in various different ways. But the use is highly dependent on how the iPad is situated, the number of iPads and the way it is collectively purposed. The study did not find the use of learning games in any purposeful way. The study was conducted on the basis of 5 interviews. This limits the findings and give no ground for generalizing the results and commands further studies, but serves as a preliminary study in to a emergent field.
Publication date2 Jun 2014
Number of pages78
ID: 198412802