• Daniel Peter Jensen
  • Søren Vejlby Nielsen
  • David Aarestrup
This project revolves around involvement and strategy and how these two concepts interact to-gether when it comes to strategic actors in strategic practices. The problem definition is:
"How can a practice-based strategy approach compliment the dominant conventional approach to strategy and promote future strategic development for involvement in strategic work?"
The project has an ontological and epistemological foundation in social constructivism. Strategy is a broad and complex subject with several different perspectives, thoughts, conceptualizations, con-cepts etc. To attempt to gain an understanding of this broad theoretical field, literature review was used throughout the project, mainly through the snowball technique, where the source lists are frequently used, and information accumulates all the while maintaining some form of connection between the literature.
The current mainstream view on strategy, is not compatible with involvement of strategic actors without any managerial roles. Due to ontological differences, such as principles of rationality, find-ing common ground, and combining the practice-based view, and conventional strategy, is incredi-bly difficult. There however have been attempts. Our model is one such attempt.
Through the concepts of strategic episodes implemented in our own model, the group has concep-tualized how some economic elements may have an effect on involvement through situated prac-tices. The research in this field is currently sporadic and ongoing. This field of study of involvement in strategizing is continues and there is a need for further disclosure in relation to the complexity associated to the practice-based perspective and the conventional perspective with the view to the involvement. We can conclude that the current strategy literature on the use of the strategic factors has evolved significantly over the last decades, and it implies that the future development within this field of investigation will not stagnate.
Publication date20 Jun 2019
Number of pages94
ID: 305239198