Investigation of EOR methods for Nagani oil field

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Petya Vakova
4. term, Oil and Gas Technology, Master (Master Programme)
The main objective of this project was the applying and implementation of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) method in the Nagani oil field.
Primarily, the characteristics of the reservoir and their compatibility with different EOR methods are assessed based on the established screening criteria. The resulted selection of appropriative method based on the criteria corroborated for the usage of Polymer Flooding or more specifically polymer-augmented water-flooding. Furthermore, introduction of the analytical approach for estimating the reservoir performance was set, initially in regard to the water-flooding and subsequently for the polymer-augmented water-flooding. This led to critical empirical data revision and calculation procedure, whose outcome was the additional oil recovery evaluation.
The last part of the thesis incorporated the received data and results from the implementation of the polymer-flooding in Nagani oil field. Therein the results regarding the change into the production from the use of water-flooding (Case 1) and polymer-augmented water-flooding (Case 2). This inferred for the corroboration of the most suitable method for the Nagani oil field selection, which process was accomplished with the help of Eclipse Black Oil simulator 2008.1. Moreover, in case to achieve full agreement with the viscosity used in the model, and narrow the ambiguity of the real viscosity of the oil in-situ of the reservoir, two empirical laboratory studies were conducted with the main purpose of visualizing the viscosity change with temperature in isobaric conditions.
Publication date16 Jun 2014
ID: 198798950