• Musa Mohammad Hussain
4. term (INF10 - Master Thesis), Informatics, Master (Master Programme)
During the previous years, the amount of internet and social media users have increased throughout the world, as well as in Denmark. Following this development within information technology, the cyber security threats have also increased in recent years. In Denmark, a large group of Danes use the internet and social media, which is particularly popular among the Danish youth. This thesis aims to investigate the use and perception of cyber security among Danish high school students in their daily life. Moreover, the research paper also discusses whether it is possible to improve the awareness of the students when it comes to cyber security risks. This was done by conducting a questionnaire, where students were selected for interviews, think aloud tests and lastly a participatory design. The methods, which have been used in the thesis, have provided data for analysis and interpretation. The final result has shown that Danish high school students are indeed aware of the cyber security threats that exist today, although they lack knowledge concerning expertise within the field. Improving the lack of this would increase their protection online and on social media. The students themselves were given the opportunity to suggest how to improve their awareness of the cyber security threats. Among their suggestions three things were in focus. First and foremost, the students uttered a need for having lectures by experts within the field of cyber security at their high school. Secondly, they asked for the possibility of buying a pre-installed cyber security package at the local computer store. Last, but not least, they demanded being taught about cyber security risks at an earlier stage than high school, e.g. in elementary or secondary school.
Publication date3 Mar 2019
Number of pages69
ID: 297198777