• Sebastian Schleisner Hjorth
4. term, Control and Automation, Master (Master Programme)
This project concerns itself with the mod- eling, control and workspace restriction of a collaborative and redundant indus- trial manipulator. The manipulator used in this work is the KUKA LBR iiwa, for which the designed solution is verified in simulation as well as on the real manipu- lator The kinematics and dynamics of the KUKA LBR iiwa are modeled based on the screw theory approach. The KUKA LBR iiwa is controlled via an energy- aware impedance control. Furthermore, the project describes a method to which restricts the Cartesian workspace with the help of virtual walls and wrenches. In ad- dition to these Cartesian boundaries, the project describes the implementation of the avoidance of joint boundaries with a feature called joint limit avoidance. The overall control strategy was for simulation purposes implemented in MATLAB and in the real world with the help of KUKAs own Fast-Research-Interface. The energy- aware impedance control was verified to work as intended. Furthermore, it was concluded that it is possible to restrict the Cartesian and Joint workspace of the KUKA LBR iiwa, with the help of poten- tial fields, while it being in a compliant state.
Publication date6 Jun 2019
Number of pages83
ID: 305187331