• Daniel Lauritzen
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
In this project I investigated if the visual detail of the avatar in a computer game affect the character identification. Through research it was proven that character identification improves enjoyment of the game. It was further explored that a relationship is formed between the media user and the mediated content. This relationship is based on empathy of the main character and atmosphere in the game. Immersion and presence was established as indicators of gameplay experience. These were the measuring factors along side character identification. Two version of an avatar was created. One highly detailed avatar and one less detailed avatar. The avatars were tested in an existing game. The test participants were players of the game which the test was run in. The test material was distributed via online routes and installed on the participants computers. The test was then run on their computer at any time they wanted and for as long as they wanted. 78 people participated in the experiment splitting them up into two groups. One group testing the low detail avatar (38 participants) and the other testing the high detail avatar (37 participants). The result displayed an increase in immersion, character identification and enjoyment of the low detail test group compared to the high detail test group. It can thereby be concluded that the visual detail plays a important role in the context of the game and that it affects character identification.
Publication date24 May 2012
Number of pages73
ID: 63306517