• Emil Reinhold Kristensen
4. term, Sustaianable Cities, Master (Master Programme)
Energy planning in municipalities has never had the traditions of including citizens even though it is highly used in other forms of planning. This paper investigates energy planning in Guldborgsund Municipality to see what it will bring to energy planning if heat consumers are including in the planning process and how this should be conducted. By using individual oil boilers and the process of phasing them out as a case, results from interviews with energy planners and heat consumers show how the municipality believes heat consumers do not want to be included in energy planning even though the opposite is said by heat consumers. It also highlights that including heat consumers can accelerate the change to more sustainable options of heat supply. This calls for municipalities to include heat consumers in energy planning by evolving the energy planner's role to become a hybrid energy planner who changes between different roles in different scenarios. This can be supported by changing the legislation for heat supply to also include planning for individual heating.
Publication date3 Jun 2020
Number of pages86
External collaboratorRamboll Foundation
Klaus Fafner klf@ramboll.com
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