• Martin Stig Nørgaard
4. term, Clinical Science and Technology, Master (Master Programme)
The purpose of this thesis was to perform a intra-rater and intra-day examination of reliability, agreement and validity for a dynamic balance test performed on a force platform by elderly persons above 65 years of age.
The examination was made with a view, to introduce the dynamic balance test of the force platform as part of the hospitals’ fall examination of the patients above 65 years with an increased risk of falling. This test is a measurement of the dynamic stability, which is not included in the fall examination, even dough it is an aspect of postural control.
This has led to the following problem formulation:
Is the force platform’s dynamic balance test a valid and reliable measurement for estimating balance,
which can be used in connection with fall examination of patients?
A test-retest examination of the balance test was made, by which the participants’ average score from 6 repetitions in both the test and retest were used as the outcome variable. Construct validity was applied, because the test was compared with the Timed Up and Go test (TUG) and the static balance test of the force platform, as it was estimated that these represent part elements of the force platform’s dynamic balance test. Apart from construct validity the face validity of the test was also evaluated.
The results of the reliability test show that the balance test is a reliable measurement (ICC =0.964). However no acceptable coherence was found between this test and the TUG test (rs=-0,295) or the static test (rs=0.591) although the test was estimated as being a good indicator for dynamic stability, because it evaluates the capability of moving the Center of Pressure (COP) in a controlled movement within the Base of Support (BOS).
Based on these results it was not possible to conclude, that the dynamic balance test of the force platform is a valid measurement. If the test is to be introduced as part of the fall examination, it is advisable that a further examination of the construct validity of the test is made. In a potential coming examination the test can be compared to other related balance tests like for instance Bergs Balance Scale (BBS).
Publication date2 Jul 2012
Number of pages69
ID: 65592113