• Jacob Øhrgaard Westh
  • Anna Lilja Steensig
4. term, Techno-Anthropology, Master (Master Programme)
With this report we aim to further our understanding of how new technological solutions are influenced by our sensescapes across both cultural and national borders. We have identified some of the pitfalls and elements that will play a role in identifying how the future will be imagined.
We wished to examine how the technology of teledildonics is perceived by various actor constellations and how they actually use teledildonics now.
The objective of the report is to identify current issues existing in relation to the use of teledildonics in long distance relationships and discuss how these issues are accommodated in such a way as to evolve the Sociotechnical imaginary regarding teledildonics. This is done by analyzing empirical data collected through anthropological fieldwork. We wish to give the reader an understanding of the area through a discussion of our methodology and data collection process. We will shed light on some of the challenges and concerns that are delt with by users of We-vibe teledildonics and try to give an answer on how these issues will affect the future.
Finally we conclude that our participants view teledildonics as regular sex toys and they are concerned with whether teledildonics will supplement or replace physical sex.
Publication date30 Jun 2010
Number of pages78
ID: 235096173