• Torben Petersen
Metabolic syndrome represents a dire condition with several clinical complications, including abdominal adiposity, dyslipidemia, elevated blood pressure and inhibited insulin resistance. The presence of metabolic syndrome has declined in the latest decades, due to a considerable health effort. This is not the case for patients with schizophrenia, where cases continue to accumulate, while mortality remains high because of this. The following review will conduct an extensive literature search on possible interventions against metabolic syndrome in patients with schizophrenia, to discuss which interventions are the most effective.

An extensive literature search has been conducted in the database of Pubmed, as well as in similar reviews covering the subject. The search gave a total of 815 articles. These articles were then ordered and analyzed through predetermined including- and excluding factors, as well as by tools to identify articles with a high level of evidence.

A total of 63 articles were included in the following review. The available literature held many different interventions, showing that lifestyle changes concerning the KRAM factors had an effect on the parameters of metabolic syndrome. Most studies only had a temporary effect however, as most participants would recede to old habits once the study ended, due to their short duration. The design and methods of many studies were also noted to be insufficient, when aimed at a vulnerable group such as patients with schizophrenia.
Having examined the current literature, the current and ongoing interventions has an effect, although rather poor sometimes, and often only temporary. A great deal of studies made it clear how important it is to consider the needs and limitations of patients with schizophrenia, and to take these into considerations when designing and considering new interventions, to achieve a long lasting and solid effect.
Based on these findings, we have formulated a number of approaches, which might combat the high occurrence of metabolic syndrome in patients with schizophrenia. These approaches should all be tested in studies, to document their effect.
Publication date29 May 2017
Number of pages52
ID: 258541157