• Carmen Maria Herrador Raya
Sex work is one of the most discussed debates within the current feminist agendas worldwide (Crowhurst, 2017, p. 48). This debate is mainly present in three spheres: in the media, in the political arena and theoretically (Álvarez, 2015, p. 20), and the lack of feminist ontology of sex work contribute to the diversity of standpoints and scopes within the debate. Meanwhile, sex workers in most countries keep waiting for political solutions that could improve their living conditions. This project aims to contribute with knowledge about female sex workers in order to develop a richer debate with a more accurate approach to these issues in Spain.

This project is a critical discourse analysis of the Collective of Prostitutes of Seville. The objects of this study are the manifest where this collective has outlined their demands and the interviews with four active participants from this group. By combining a critical discourse analysis with an intersectional focus I have interpreted the participants’ representation of their own identity and the diverse identities of sex workers. I argue that the stigmatisation of sex workers is intersectional, as it affects in different ways to diverse women, and ultimately position them out of society. The aim of this project is to contribute to draw the reality of sex workers, which is of great complexity, in order to offer relevant contributions to the debate in current feminist Spanish agenda as well as the political one. In addition, I bring out how intersectionality influence sex workers’ discourse when developing strategies against their marginalisation and stigmatisation.
Publication date2020
Number of pages65
External collaboratorThe Collective of Prostitutes of Seville
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ID: 333459763