• Andrea Hajzer
Haier Group is a Chinese Home Appliances manufacturer, that was established in 1984 and since than it has been upholding its zero distance to consumer concept, while maintaining the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy to accomplish its goals. Haier is ranked as Nr. 1 home appliance producer for the 9th following years. Under the guidance of Zhang Ruimin, it is characterized by the enterprise management and business philosophy. Learning from Peter Drucker, Zhang has applied the idea, that the purpose of a business is not making money, but rather attracting and meeting the desires of customers. The firm has a solid Value Proposition, it aims not only to add value for its customers, but to add value for every stakeholder in the ecosystem, based on its “RenDanHeYi 2.0 model”. Through its insistent efforts and the acquisition of other global producers of home appliances, such as GEA, allowed the firm to develop its competitive edge with incorporated capabilities in distant activities both in the domestic and foreign markets. On 6th June in 2016, Haier Group announced the acquisition of GE Appliances. The transaction resulted in an overall growth of its internationalization, and it allowed Haier to become an “International among others”. Consequently, the acquisition has generated distant values for distant stakeholder. Haier itself, successfully managed to increase its overall revenue and net profit, which resulted in higher shareholder income as well. In addition, end consumers will have the chance to be part of the “personalized user experience”, or the employees are able to obtain elevated level of financial income if they form active part of business activities.
Publication date2018
Number of pages104
ID: 280438234