• Tushar Agarwal
4. term, Manufacturing Technology, Master (Master Programme)
For providing customer the benefit of personalised product organization requires a flexible and adaptable factory with smart tools and technology showcasing transparency, interoperability and autonomous behaviour through communication between the industrial components and rigorous data exchanges. MADE provides a platform to carry out the research activity related too industry 4.0 and smart factory. This Project is a part of MADE Digital WP5.4 where a smart factory physical layout is developed in collaboration with LEGO group. The smart factory has 4 components as counting machine, cyber physical factory setup, flexible robot and a manual station.

This thesis project focuses on developing a smart assistive manual station which can receive the order from MES and can guide the operator to complete each customised order. It can detect the operator’s error and assist the operator to rectify it while working on an operation. The manual station has a raspberry pi, controlling components as visual guide, pick-bylight, weighing scale, printer and RFID reader. An interactive Graphical User Interface was developed using python programming language with PySimple tkinter toolkit. It has the ability to communicate with the MES over OPC/UA communication protocol as OPC/UA client and transmit data to KUKA cloud as OPC/UA server.
Publication date2019
Number of pages104
ID: 304938776