Integration of physical exercise in the Danish Public School System

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Anne Louise Vanggaard Kaupang
  • Marie Brund Hansen
4. term, Public Health, Master (Master Programme)
Title: Integration of physical exercise in the Danish Public School System

Background: After the new public school reform in 2014, Danish public schools were required to secure students with an average of 45 minutes of physical exercise per day in order to improve the students learning, health and well-being. It is up to the individual school to find a method whereupon they incorporate physical exercise in the students’ school day. Studies conducted by the Municipalities and the Regions Analyse and Research National Institute show that under 20 precent of the nations teachers integrate physical exercise daily, and over 65 precent of the teachers experience that they are lacking knowledge about methods of incorporating physical exercise throughout the school day.

Thesis Statement: In which ways can the teacher’s jurisdictions be developed for the purpose of supporting the integration of the average of 45 minutes of physical exercise in Assens School in Mariagerfjord municipality?

Method: The settings for the thesis are built on the Medical Research Councils elements for evaluation, development of complex intercessions and implementation. Within these settings, there has been conducted a literature study and a qualitative case study for Assens School.

Results: The results of the case study shows, that the teachers are experiencing a challenge in making a connection between academic purposes and the physical activities, and they are lacking preparation time to incorporate this aspect. Concurrently the teachers have access to a list of diverse sources of inspirations, and they are receiving seminars on integration of physical exercise. The literature study shows how interventions functions best when the teachers are receiving the seminars of how they integrate the intervention. Concluding the teacher’s action in the physical exercise and in the classroom has implications in terms of the intervention’s success.

Conclusion: The teachers lack an inspiration database, which is contextual in context of the school. The developed database helps develop teachers’ competencies because they become more reflective of the integration of activities as well as learn from each other´s activities.
Publication date7 Jun 2017
Number of pages142
ID: 259294221