• Jens Ostermann-Petersen
The thesis is about digital tools in construction, with special focus on project web.
The project will look at the project web seen as a representative tool for digital tools in the construction industry – here under the implementation in the construction industry in general and in more detail for the actual setup in the selected case, as well as the priorities that they have emphasized in the case.

How has construction completed this task?
What is the status of the implementation?
Are the requirements of the Order realistic to meet for the construction actors? If not, where should it be adjusted? In the notice, where the requirements are formulated, or by the actors where the requirements must be clarified by the developer?

I want to uncover project web’s status and possible future in construction based on SNA (Social Network Analysis) and SNM (Strategic Niche Management).
The method will be the gathering of empirical data from the primary case study, based on ICT announcements, previous reports on the subject and follow-up questions and interviews.

Overall, this will form the basis for the analyzes and conclusions of the thesis.
Publication date1 May 2017
Number of pages77
External collaboratorUniveristets- og Bygningsstyrelsen
BIM specialist Sara Asmussen saras@bygst.dk
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