• Mads Adrian Saxtorph Bonde
  • Lina Dubina
Sustainable Development Goals are globally recognized and an established approach towards the sustainable development. Likewise, Strategic Environmental Assessment is a tool used to direct the decision-making of plans and programmes towards the sustainable outcomes. Both of the concepts are recognized for its set direction towards sustainable development. For that reason, this paper focuses on analyzing the possibilities of integrating the SDGs into SEA practise in Danish context. In order further develop the research, qualitative data such as interviews and literature review has been conducted. Firstly, this report analyses the direct and indirect inter-linkage between the SDGs and SEA, analyzing SEA as both a tool and a practise. Furthermore, different benefits of SDGs and its contribution to SEA practise have been analyzed, and ideas for how these benefits can be integrated into SEA practise has been proposed. Additionally, various aspects of what could possibly support and restrict the shift towards the objective-led SEA has been analyzed and discussed. Finally, a short set of recommendations has been provided for how to integrate the SDGs in SEA practise
SpecialisationEnvironmental Management and Sustainability Science
Publication date7 Jun 2019
Number of pages71
ID: 305327310