Integrating RAPL With BenchmarkDotNet and Benchmarking EFCore

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Alfred Ilberg Ulvmose
  • Virmantas Cekys
4. term, Computer Science (IT), Master (Master Programme)
There are two goals in this project: developing a RAPL integration for BenchmarkDotNet, and using it to do a case study of different query processing settings of EFCore. An integration for BenchmarkDotNet is created that takes and processes RAPL measurements simultaneously on a client and server machine.
The integration works for the case study, and can be further developed for submitting to BenchmarkDotNet.
The case study reveals that the 'NoTracking' setting of EFCore almost always costs more energy on the client device.
Publication date9 Jun 2023
Number of pages47
ID: 533821854