Innovation via co-creation: _

Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Hans Christian Bentsen Jørgensen
4. term, Master of IT (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
The purpose of this Master thesis is to develop a practical Participatory Design method for use in a business to business context. The goal is motivate user to take part in the development of ideas for new digital solutions. The ultimate goal is to spot ideas that have the potential to lead to Disruptive Innovation (Christensen, 2004). Based on the assumption that experienced users are the real domain experts (Hippel, 1994) and that all users potentially have the qualifications to be inventive (Juelsbo et. al. 2015) there is a strong belief, that users are able to develop ideas that have a stronger relation to their context and market potential. Producers often develop ideas without any user participation, which fundamentally leads to projects based on assumptions rather than facts. In the past design tradition known as the Design-Led and User-Centered design, users actually played a rather passive role in the design process. In this tradition users were not seen as sources for inspiration and ideation. In response to this expert philosophy, the Participatory Design methodology was developed. In this methodology the perspective has changed and users are seen as great sources for inspiration, and have an active role in the conceptual development of new solutions (Liem & Sanders, 2011). It is the Participatory Design mindset that is the driver behind the developed method in this thesis. The structure in the method is inspired by the User Innovation Management method (Kanstrup & Bertelsen, 2011) and consists of seven interrelated activities. The starting point for the method is a planning sessions followed by ethnographical studies, analysis and reflection. Lastly, users are involved in a co-creation session named Future Workshop (Greenbaum & Kyng, 1991) where ideas are developed by the users.
SpecialisationInteraction Design and Multimedia
Publication date5 Feb 2016
Number of pages49
ID: 227395871