• Jevgenijs Hiznaks
  • Nicolaj Hovgaard Wolf
This research is conducted as a part of Master thesis in Building Informatics. Research starts with finding problematics in the construction field, more specifically earthworks. These problematics are exceeding budget and schedule, idle time, lack of technology use and automation of work processes. Based on these problematics the research question is formulated: What is the potential for using information technology to automate work processes, to minimize wasted time and reduce costs in earthworks?

This paper is using various methods to investigate and analyze the field of the research and gather the knowledge on it. A literature search method is used to gather theoretical knowledge about the problem field. To gain practical knowledge, a case study is used. Seven stages of an interview inquiry-method and observations are used as a part of case-study. Design Science Research method is used to develop the solution.

Decision Support System (DSS) was developed to solve the previously mentioned problematics. A conceptual design of DSS is proposed. Proof of concept is developed in Power BI to demonstrate the potentials of the proposed solution.

The proposed solution provides transparency to the production process by automatically processing data from machinery into visualizations in the dashboard, thus providing an opportunity for a project manager to make data-supported decisions. Based on the results of the research and gathered feedback, the potential for utilizing of information technology, automation of the work processes, reduction of idle time and cost is demonstrated by the proposed solution.
Publication date7 Jan 2022
Number of pages82
ID: 458098862