India's Different Attitudes toward AIIB and BRI

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Zean Chen
The purpose of my thesis is to evaluate the current state of China-India relations from the perspectives of BRI and AIIB. China initiated BRI and AIIB as part of China’s external development strategy. However, India shows different reactions on the two China-initiated program. India gave a positive and fast response to AIIB, while it still stays away from BRI. In this regard, the research question has been asked why did India join AIIB but stays away from the BRI? In order to find a suitable answer to the research question, the author will analyse India’s different perceptions of AIIB and BRI, the China -India relations and the rise of China will also be discussed as background. Firstly, the background section includes a brief review of China-India relations and China’s increasing power in recent years. Both of the two elements influence India’s perception of BRI. Secondly, data studied in Analysis chapter includes India’s different attitudes toward AIIB and BRI. The author will discuss India’s perception of AIIB and BRI respectively. In order to make a better understanding of the reason, neorealism and some concepts like national interests will be used. Assuming that India shows different attitude towards the two China-led initiatives is based on India’s national interests, an evaluation of India’s national interests will also be argued. Taking into account these factors, it will be able to answer the research question. Thirdly, the Conclusion chapter will provide an overview of how the data and theory are used in analytic framework, and the findings achieved.
SpecialisationChina and International Relations
Publication date22 May 2018
Number of pages73
KeywordsAIIB, BRI, China, India
ID: 279612454