• Emil Karol Karasinski
  • Sandra Sommer Schmidt Andersen
  • Martin Herløv Dorsch
4. Term, Building Energy Design (Master Programme)
The aim of this project is to develop a holistic evaluation tool of the indoor environmental quality of school
buildings in Denmark. The purpose of the tool is to evaluate the IEQ potential to ensure comfort, health, wellbeing,
and performance of the occupants in school buildings. The requirements for a good indoor environment
in schools were investigated to create the framework of evaluation. The evaluation areas are within
indoor air quality, thermal, visual, and acoustic indoor environment, as well the occupants’ possibility to adjust
the indoor environment. Based on the methodology from prior tool developed for evaluation of residential
IEQ, parameters and criteria were developed within each IE parameter to fit the element that influence
the IEQ of schools. The assessment methods of the IEQ potential in schools were developed from the literature
review of the conditions to create a good IEQ in schools, industry calculation guidelines, building regulation,
and standards. As a result of the project, the groundwork for fully developing a tool to label the IEQ
of schools is performed and documented. Parameters and criteria are developed to assess the IEQ potential
of schools, weighting among the parameters and criteria is introduced to fit the elements that influences the
IEQ of schools. A new method to present the results is introduced to communicate the IEQ of the schools on
room and building level for both users of the schools and professional consultants for design or renovation
purposes of the school buildings.
Publication date8 Jan 2021
Number of pages15
ID: 399342313