• Max Alexander Illum Kjær
Social class, social stratification and social mobility are concepts which have been long conceptualized from the time of Karl Marx and Pierre Bourdieu to the more modern takes by Scholars like John Goldthorpe and Jordan Peterson. There has been consideration of social hierarchy and the principles of social stratification amongst social standings by way of many factors including socio-economic position, race, culture, sex, political position etc. There has however also been a fundamental lack of recognition of this concept as it relates to practical application in marketing campaigns and in the context of cultural consumers. The focus of the project is recognizing, identifying the ways in which those strategies manifest marketing directives geared toward specific social strata and positing ways in which recognition of those social strata’s can be more practically applied for the company’s benefit.
Publication date23 Jan 2022
Number of pages55
ID: 459707968