• Nicolai Sennels
  • Mikkel Aarup Buch
4. term, Nanotechnology, Master (Master Programme)
The aim of this project is to investigate second harmonic generation (SHG) as a method for in situ characterization of Thin Films. The report covers the basics of nonlinear optics, SHG, low energy electron diffraction (LEED), Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO), and substrate surface theory. Furthermore, a method section describing the different setups, methods, and software used throughout the project. The SHG response from Si, Si/SiO2 and hydrogen terminated Si surfaces have been studied as a preparation for the in situ measurements. In situ measurements were carried out on silver (Ag), aluminum (Al) and aluminum nitride (AlN), where Ag showed a strong correlation between the film thickness and the SHG signal. Furthermore, a correlation between crystallinity and SHG signal was observed on the AlN films. Finally, an outlook with a design for an industrial SHG setup, build upon the findings of this project.
SpecialisationNanophysics and -materials
Publication date9 Jun 2019
Number of pages106
External collaboratorPolyteknik A/S
Christian Kjelde ck@polyteknik.dk
ID: 305486604