• Balkis Fares
4. term, Techno-Anthropology, Master (Master Programme)
Middlesex Marrow Society represents the Anthony Nolan Trust at Middlesex University. They are a society that recruits potential donors for the Anthony Nolan trust registry. The donation of stem cells and bone marrow can help cure people with blood disease and blood cancer. However being that the society's members are science students they have some difficulty explaining this technology to non-science students.

This thesis examines how communication between the society and non-science students can be improved in order to increases the amount of potential donors. This Thesis will focus on male British-Asians because they are the least type of donors in their registry according to the Anthony Nolan Trust. An extensive field Work of the society and recruitment clinics was made along with interviews and "Future Workshops".

The Findings show that the actual communication between MMS and the students is fine. The problem is the students don't approach MMS because of misconceptions. Thus increase in education and awareness through more clinics, posters etc. is need in order to demolish any misconceptions about the technology.
Publication date6 Jun 2014
ID: 198600632