Implementation of ‘altered maintenance of streams’

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Christina Rasmussen
The rapport focuses on how the implementation of ‘altered maintenance of streams’ is coming along. This project questions: “What are the barriers in the implementation of ‘altered maintenance of streams’ ” applicable to the first plan period of the River Basin Management Plan.
“The Integrated Implementation Model” of Søren Winter forms the theoretical framework of the tripartite analysis.

In analysis module 1 it is examined whether there is a clear policy on how ‘altered maintenance’ should be implemented. By examining whether there is a causal relationship between ends and funds in the policy design and by evaluating the selected organization, it is concluded in the analysis that the funding is obscure and that the organization could generate problems in the implementation process.

In analysis module 2 the various actors in the implementation are examined. It is concluded that the target audience (farmers and garden owners) are protected differently. ‘Field workers’ are put under pressure by the evaluation of the “local government reform” and the administrative set-up generates internal rift in the public sector.

In analysis module 3 the importance of the identified potential barrier in the implementation of the policy design is examined. It is concluded that the interaction between barriers minimizes the overall impact on the implementation.
Publication date6 Jun 2012
Number of pages87
ID: 63597538