Implementation of Natura 2000

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Gunhild Aaby Sørensen
  • Henrik Kjærsgaard Christensen
  • Jesper Møller
On 7 December 2011 246 Natura 2000 plans came into force. The plans are a part of the Natura 2000 efforts, which will implement parts of the Birds Directive, the Habitats Directive and the Ramsar Convention. Over time, nature will obtain a favourable conservation status as a result of the efforts. The Natura 2000 plans will be implemented via municipal Natura 2000 action plans among other things. The municipalities must adopt and publish draft action plans by 8 June 2012 at the latest. The final action plans must be adopted and published by 8 December 2012 at the latest. Consequently, the action plan process is ongoing at this very moment.
The adoption of the Natura 2000 plans was delayed by two years, and the action plan process was initiated without resolving the financing groundwork. Consequently, problems can be determined even before the action plan process has been completed.

This thesis will determine how the objectives of the Natura 2000 plans will be implemented via the municipal action plans. Further, the implementation barriers involved in this part of the Natura 2000 efforts will be identified and assessed in advance.

Søren C. Winther and Vibeke L. Nielsen’s implementation theory forms the basis for the analyses of the thesis, which will be supplemented by knowledge from literature studies, legal methodology and interviews performed in accordance with Steinar Kvale’s interview theory.
Publication date28 Jun 2012
Number of pages79
ID: 63619210