• Aleksandar Knezevic
  • Malene Søttrup Westergaard
On April 16, 2014, the new EIA Directive was adopted. The Directive sets quality requirements for the Environmental Impact Report, aimed at those who prepare and evaluate the EIA report. The developer shall ensure that competent experts prepare the EIA report and that the competent au-thority shall ensure it has access to sufficient expertise to examine the EIA report. The Directive does not specify further how the requirements are to be met, which means that the individual member states must go through a policy-making process to identify how it can be implemented in their respective laws and practices. This master thesis examines various options for which quality assurance schemes can be introduced in Denmark. The research question is:
How can the EIA Directive's requirements on quality assurance of EIA be implemented in Denmark, and is it sufficient to ensure the quality of the EIA report?
This is researched through studies of already existing quality assurance schemes from other coun-tries as well as empirical studies of Danish EIA practitioners. It is concluded that the requirement for quality assurance of the EIA report may be introduced by imposing requirements on the experts' qualifications through the EIA Ordinance and through the creation of a national commission of ex-perts to advise the competent authority. This solution is not sufficient in itself to ensure the quality of the EIA report, as there are other parts of the EIA process, which affects the statement.
SpecialisationEnvironmental Management and Sustainability Science
Publication date4 Jun 2014
Number of pages122
ID: 198521401