• Maja Hansen
  • Vibe A. Jelsbak
  • Kristian Johnsen
4. term, Master of ICT and Learning (MIL) (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
On the fifth module of the professional bachelor’s degrees within the healthcare educations there is a common inter professional lesson plan. The students have evaluated the course badly and the teachers experience challenges because of the forced cooperation between the healthcare educations. The module makes sense within a social context since its purpose is to create a better cooperation between professions within the health sector together with the overriding purpose of making the continuity of care coherent. The focus of this project is to examine the organization and implementation of a pedagogic innovative CSCL course (Computer Supported Collaborative Learning) within the module.
Through an analysis of the organization behind the healthcare educations of VIA University Colleges in Aarhus we can identify problems which can remedy the opposition towards the implementation of a new and different lesson plan. Based on among others Hiim and Hippes didactic relations model, we analyze the lesson plan and conclude the following: The students can profit by their very different basis for learning if the education is structured as an ict supported problem-orientated project-pedagogic course. The teachers will not resist much against this type of lesson plan since it is already known in connection with supervision in problem-based professional bachelor’s thesis. The students will, furthermore, profit by an introductory course where they will get to know each other in inter-professional study groups and work with the fields of each others’ professions. The introductory course will be designed as a race in order to incorporate the advantages of game dynamics in a learning course. The purpose of the race is to introduce the students to ict tools, the project procedure and the inter-professional cooperation.
Publication date30 Jun 2011
Number of pages192


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