Implementation of Computer Aided Facilities Management

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Jimmi Skovgaard Hansen
The thesis is about the implementation of CAFM, which is an ICT-based system for managing maintenance, asset planning, etc. An earlier study forms the basis of issues from the thesis, which draws the interest to study the interactions between the social and technical in the implementation of new technology. The thesis is based on qualitative methods, where interviews and observations constitute the empirical basis, which provides the framework for analysis. The theoretical foundation is based on a socio-technical approach (STS - Science Technology Society studies) to study the interactions between technology and users. The theoretical approach (SCOT - Social Construction Of Technology) introduces a number of concepts, used in the analysis, in order to interpret and understand human experience processes. The analysis explains the actors of the implementation process, what problems it has caused and how it subsequently resolved. The thesis finishes by discussing the results of the analysis in relation to the implementation of CAFM in a hospital.
Publication date8 Jan 2015
Number of pages54
ID: 207572375