• Sudhir Biraji
4. term, Science in Economics, Master (Master Programme)
This study investigates the Motivation and challenges of the Nepalese immigrant entrepreneurs in Copenhagen. For the purpose of this research, 5 entrepreneurs were interviewed in Copenhagen. The finding of the research shows that the factors that motivates Nepalese immigrant to pursue entrepreneurship are Independency and autonomy, to increase their income, ego satisfaction, language barrier and social motivation for community. The finding also shows that Nepalese who came in a student visa to Denmark supported their education working in jobs related with cooking and developed the knowledge and skills of cooking which later become another motivating factor to start their own restaurant business. peer pressure, and self-esteem/ not losing face were also the motivating factors for the Nepalese entrepreneur.
The finding also shows that Nepalese entrepreneur faces the challenges to access the capital required to begin their business along with attracting the local customer due to lack of social Network. The entrepreneurs poor command over the Danish language appears to be an obstacle to handle the relationship with customer along with acquiring the information. Competition was another challenge which was with the non-ethnic entrepreneurs rather than their own co-ethnic entrepreneurs. The Nepalese entrepreneurs do not employ their family member in their business and thus faces the problem of recruiting labour also. Recruiting labour was challenging because the entrepreneurs tried to hire workforce from same ethnic community so that the work can be done with lower wages inorder to keep the price of food lower and maximise their profits. However, the major challenge for the Nepalese immigrant entrepreneur was to raise the flow of local Danish customer.

Publication date5 Jun 2019
Number of pages65
ID: 305184693