IKT og Organisatorisk læring - med magtens blik

Student thesis: Master programme thesis

  • Bente Schmidt Nielsen
4. term, Master of ICT and Learning (MIL) (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
ICT and Organizational learning ? with the eyes of power This Master Thesis on ICT and Learning is focused on understanding the interaction be-tween three dimensions of organizational learning. Firstly the role of information and communication technologies in supporting organizational learning processes. Secondly the influence and unfolding of power related to learning processes in an organizational context. Thirdly, how are we to understand the concept of organizational learning from the point of view of democratic and human values? The thesis explores a case study on an ICT-based tool for sharing and creating knowledge in the context of working life. The tool called ?the human search engine? is evaluated in the context of organizational learning theories. The system appears to be a ?network genera-tor?, a ?knowledge creator? and ?terminology translator?. As such the tool is regarded to be a ?knowledge generator?, which independently plays a productive role in organizational knowledge creation. Starting from the human and democratic values theories of organizational learning are ex-amined and discussed. Concludingly a concept of ?Genuine organizational learning? is de-fined. Theories of power are examined to understand the concrete dynamics related to power influence in the learning processes. Inspired by a case of power analysis within planning, ten statements are transformed into ten theses on the concept of ?genuine organizational learning?. The two main issues of this Master Thesis are answered: The first conclusion is that ICT based tools do play an independent role as influencing power in learning processes in an organizational context. The second conclusion is that consultants must be aware of local strategic power relations when implementing ICT learning systems into a concrete organizational power laden con-text. Furthermore the consultant must develop strict strategies for the implementation.
Publication date2004
Number of pages76
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 6979015