Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Kenneth Jacobsen
  • Steffen Kongsmar
This master’s thesis has been written in the fall/winter 2021, and early 2022. The thesis is focused on an examination of the role standards play in context to the development of digital tools in the field of the Danish construction industry. This is done through a case study of the open buildingSMART standard IFC. The thesis uses standardization-theory from (Brunsson, et al., 2012) to analyze how the IFC-standard can be seen as being within, outside of organizations as well as being an organization in itself. The standardization-theory is supplemented with institutional theory, that helps picture the change that the IFC-standard itself is involved in, as well as the mechanisms that are trying to influence the IFC-standards claim for legitimacy and stability. The thesis uses the qualitative method of data collection, in which one wishes to understand what the participants do, say, experience in situations related to the IFC-standard. In the thesis analysis, we highlight how the participants view the IFC-standard as being a common language, which is a necessity, as it allows for cooperation between actors across organizations. The analysis also highlights how the IFC-standard is seen as being too static to properly support the praxis that is a part of the industry. The discussion part of the thesis is built on themes from the thesis analyses and supported by a literature study that enables a view of what the function of the IFC-standard has now, and the role that the standard will play in the future. Furthermore, a theme in thesis’ discussion will be how the construction industry structures its data. All of this will lead to the thesis’ conclusion, in which it is concluded that the IFC-standard has been a necessity for the industry, and that it has aided greatly in changing the way the industry operates. However, the standard is losing legitimacy by not being able to develop in the pace that the industry needs it to. If the IFC-standard is to maintain its legitimacy, then it needs to change so it properly supports a Linked Data concept.
Publication date6 Jan 2022
Number of pages94
ID: 458121251