• Edward Thomas Owen
The Danish capital of Copenhagen is a good example of a city that has already gone some way to challenge the dominance of automobility and can be seen to exhibit a bicycle friendly culture. Despite this, there is evidence to show that the negative externalities of car traffic are particularly a problem for the inner city. The aim of this report is to investigate how both public and private companies in Copenhagen can help reduce car traffic, and to identify the challenges they face. Semi-structured interviews are carried out with representatives from four separate companies. Common themes are identified in the findings: 1) Automobility: Dominance and Deconstruction, 2) Ownership and Access, 3) Interaction, 4) Development and Adjustment of Regimes, 5) Infrastructure, 6) Space. The activities of the companies are found at different levels identified using the Multi-level Perspective, and it is suggested that more planning and cooperation can help achieve results where companies are otherwise working separately to the same ends.
SpecialisationLand Management
Publication date8 Jun 2018
Number of pages61
ID: 280595455