Hydraulic analysis of ligthweight flap gates

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Jens Bjerrum Markussen
  • Nikolaj Skov Gravesen
This thesis studies flap gates and the correlation between calculation parameters. To study this, a modelexperiment is used with plastic discs and an experiment with an extradited lightweight flap gate with a diameter of 0,31 meters from Dannozzle. From the experiment results two correlation are defined, one between opening angel of a flap gate relative to the mean velocity and one between the opening angel relative to the
resistancenumber. These two correlations are used to make a dimensioning model for flap gates. The last mentioned correlation makes it possible to calculate the headloss from a flap gate as individual energy losses. To make such a dimensioning model, there is established a moment balance for flap gates, exposed to a flow. The model can calculate the headloss from a flap gate with an arbitrary weight and therefore is used to determine the difference in headloss for a steel flap gate and and the new lightweight flap gate, where the headloss is almost half for the new lightweight flap gate.
Publication date7 Jun 2019
Number of pages96
External collaboratorDannozzle
No Name vbn@aub.aau.dk
ID: 305293182